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china’s petroleum west-east transportation of 4,200 kilometers natural gas pipeline project,china-myanmar oil pipeline project.
shanxi-beijing gas pipeline project, rizhao-dongming oil pipeline project, shandong-anhui oil pipeline project, etc.
sureland was the total solution provider for the automatic fire extinguishing system of sinopec huangdao and yizheng oil tanks projects
refining projects in yunnan, guangxi, liaoning, shanghai, gansu, guangdong and shandong
kela 2nd gas field,xinjiang yingmaili gas field,changbei gas field etc.
guangdong lng, fujian lng,jiangsu lng, tianjin lng, dalian lng, tangshan lng, etc.
datang duolun coal to olefins,shenhua baotou coal to olefins etc.
5.4 mt coal-to-liquids project of lu’an group
0.6mt methanol project of datong coal mine group
5.5 billion cubic meters per year coal-gas project of xinjiang qinghua coalification
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